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About Our School

Welcome to the Online Home of our Cheshire Martial Arts School.

Dear Friend,

In a moment, I'm going to tell you an intriguing, yet common tale of martial arts. It shows that martial arts is more than just punches, kicks & self-defense...

... it's an incredibly transforming way of life.

Now, while the names have been left out of this story, I assure you of its truth. And from my many years in the martial arts world, I can tell you that this story has happened hundreds...

... if not thousands of times in the past.

This story is about a child, and what happened when Martial Arts invigorated his life, but it applies just as strongly to adults of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Without further ado, here's the tale.

There was once a child who simply “drifted” through life. His mood was flat, despite going through the correct motions. He was even keel. On the surface this seemed fine...

... but his parents became concerned. Nothing seemed to ignite any passion in this child. Nothing lit his “inner fire”. And as hard as the parents tried to find something that would... no actvity could sustain his interest.

Then the parents caught wind of martial arts. Perhaps it was through talking to other parents, or perhaps they came across a website like this one.

Whatever it was that brought them to martial arts - they became exceedingly grateful for it.

After a week of martial arts training, their son was a completely different person.

He smiled brighter. He couldn't wait for martial arts class every day. He became disciplined, respectful, and focused. He practiced with all of his heart in class, and with equal intensity at home.

He strived to learn every move - and advance through the ranks - he learned goal setting, ambition, confidence, and focus.

His grades flourished. His relationship with his friends, parents, teachers and everyone else improved.

He was growing into a fine young man. One who was gaining the skills for success in all areas of life.

Now, as I mentioned, this story applies to more than just children. It applies to men and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and up. It applies to teenagers. It applies even to children as young as 4 and 5.

Martial arts isn't just punches and kicks. It's a way of life. It's about reaching out for whatever you want in life, and having the discipline to do the hard work that it takes to succeed.

Here in our Cheshire martial arts school - we strive to introduce every one of our students to these powerful life skills.

That way you can live more strongly, confidently, and more happily.

I hope to see you soon for your first class. Then you can see what I'm talking about firsthand.

- Rick Griffin
Head Instructor, Leadership Martial Arts
Cheshire Martial Arts